The Palace Restaurant Photos

I recently had the pleasure of creating new photos for The Cincinantian Hotels The Palace Restaurant.  I decided to share all the final photos from the shoot because I feel you often only see the best of the best from photographers and while I think all these photos are strong, they often times don't make sense within a portfolio.

We had a lot of different shots and locations to shoot the day of and we started with breakfast and worked our way to dinner.  You might notice that the photos go from a soft subtle light with dark backgrounds for breakfast foods into a much harder focused light for dinner plates.  I hope you enjoy seeing all the photos.

Christmas Card 2014

We had so much fun creating this Christmas card.  For those that havn't followed my work for long, me and my wife Stacey create an over the top Christmas card each year.  It's a fun way to end the year and do something creative for ourselves.